The hardest part about being a veterinary technician

Being a nurse for animals is probably the hardest job I have ever had. We not only have to help these animals that don’t understand what we are doing but also we have to be their voice. I cannot think of a time I went to work and it was a normal or easy day. That never happens. Or people think we are slow during the holiday, when in reality that is when we get most of our emergencies. ” Fluffy ate the kids new toy car”…….

cute puppy

You laugh, but I promise it actually happens!

The worst  is when the pet has fought as long as they have and the time has come. Going into that room and having to discuss the details of the euthanasia and seeing all the broken hearts in the room. I wish I could say that is the worst part but its worse than that. We have to hold in every inch of sorrow we feel until we have finished with that room. Our job is to be strong and be there for the family.

I had a case a few days ago, the pet was older and just looked horrible and suffering. It was time for the rainbow bridge. He had this look in his face and some of the girls and I thought you know what, I think hes hungry…

We had this delicious left over vanilla cupcake in the back and we brought him one.cupcake.jpg

Oh man he loved every second of it!

The worst part about being a tech is holding the most unselfish creature in your arms and feeling their weight slowly become heavy as they cross the rainbow bridge…..


rainbow bridge.jpg

I talk about this in my blog because a lot of people do not understand how difficult our job is or how much effort and heart we put into what we do. We don’t just play with puppies and kittens all day. Instead we work everyday to help these animals and families closest loved ones fight for life and be the voice they don’t have.


My blog is to help expand the knowledge to the unknown of the life of a vet tech and to help me relieve my mind of my days at work.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed!
Here is a picture of my son and I, ” For him I do it all

_MG_5965-LEvery new day I have with you, means another day of my happiness. Every night Rocky helps me pray that all the animals cross the rainbow bridge and shine in the sky.





2 thoughts on “The hardest part about being a veterinary technician

  1. Another beautiful blog, your job is tough but your love for animals is beautiful and that’s why you are great at it. Keep up the awesome job😘🐒

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  2. Great post melissa! This blog was written beautifully, as it opens the readers heart into some of the emotions you feel on a daily basis. Thank you for all that you do for these beautiful animals!

    Liked by 1 person

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