The client vs the tech

Daily dose of the life as a vet tech..

Client Mrs Rodriguez comes in regarding “fluffy” our 7 year old golden retriever. Enter the room and retrieve history on our patient since we last saw him. “Oh fluffy is doing good, no concerns” well that is music to my ears! Review my information with the doctor and prepare him to enter the room. Doctor enters the room; the client and him begin to speak. “oh fluffy has not been well, he is throwing up constantly and not eating much”

Doctor exits the room and asks me why I did not get proper history on the patient…



Clients.. please tell us every detail of what is going on with your pet! Honesty is the best key to finding the best solution to helping the four legged furry friends . It definitely is not fun when clients do not disclose every details of the patient coming into the clinic. We love honesty! And we love our patients! Let us help



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