Vet tech or Veterinary Nurse?

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When you hear the word “vet tech” what does it mean to you? Do you know what the job description of a vet tech is? I constantly feel myself going into a definition after telling someone I am a vet tech. When I say Veterinary Nurse, people understand me and there is a sense of respect.  Animals may not be able to speak but they are just as important to families as if a human was, sometimes people like the animals more then other family members!

Does anyone who doesn’t work in the veterinary field know what we do as veterinary technicians? We monitor in surgery, we are trained to identify anesthesia abnormalities, prep the patients for surgery, place ET tubes, give anesthetic drugs, recover a patient from surgery, place IV catheters, pull blood, view cytology on the microscope, properly restrain animals for exams, position for radiograph’s… the list goes on and on.

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Tell me… does this sound like an easy job? A job that deserves the title ” vet tech” or does this sound like the job of a nurse, and for that a better name would be Veterinary Nurse.

I have all respect in the world for human nurses because they work long shifts, holidays,and they are the ones we deal with when we go to the hospital. They create the patient relationship and I respect that.

I also respect myself and my field enough to know that we also deserve the title Nurse. When we ask for this title we aren’t trying to upset, up show or be better than anyone. We are only asking for the respect of the title. If you google the term nurse you will find the following :
“a person trained to care for the sick or infirm, especially in a hospital”
“give medical and other attention to (a sick person”

This definition clearly defines the tasks of what a Nurse does a long with what Veterinary technicians do. So why must we be called any different other than a name that we deserve? We understand that our profession does not pay enough and may never because we care for animals and they are viewed as property, I understand that BUT we simply want the respect of a name we deserve. Next time you see one, thank the Nurses of the world but also next time thank the Veterinary Nurse who was a shoulder for you to cry on over fluffy, the comfort for your pet as they are being hospitalized, and the voice for animals.

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One thought on “Vet tech or Veterinary Nurse?

  1. Very interesting and informative, I agree with you 100%. You are all worthy of the title “Vet Nurse”; your points are clear meaningful. Keep pushing forward, this will happen soon enough; we are so proud of you 🥰

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