Studying for an exam

Testing anxiety is a real thing and unfortunately a lot of people struggle with it, myself being one. As you all can see from my blog I work in the Veterinary field as a Veterinary Nurse. I graduated from my two year program back in May and took my board exam July 31. I was seven points away from passing… the worst part is how much I studied and how hard I worked.  At the end of the day the only one to blame is myself. If you ever feel like you are the only one who works hard and feels like it doesn’t pay off…. don’t because you aren’t alone. I think we all just have to learn how to take a break from studying sometimes, because there is such a thing as over studying. Sometimes I wish our mind can just screen shot things we study but unfortunately that is not real life. Best advice to others out there studying for the VTNE or an big exam, take breaks talk with others for outside help and stay confident in yourself.

One thought on “Studying for an exam

  1. You work extremely hard at everything you do, your passion and love for your furry family is undeniable and that is what makes you the best Vet Nurse. Keep pushing forward and yes take breaks, clear your mind and don’t over study!

    Great advice Melissa, keep your spirits and confidence high YOU will succeed.



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